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Say Hello to a Life Filled with Meaning & Fulfilment

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Be in Motion by Achieving your Goals

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Optimize Flow in your Business' Development

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Make Every Member a Winner on your Team

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Assess a Candidate's Suitability objectively and accurately

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All walks of life

Stuck in your life or career? Want to go from a standstill to progress, and ready to take the next step?


For graduates, starters, young professionals, and experienced professionals who are stuck in their life or career, and who are ready to make a change.
Fresh Graduate from law school smiling and happy.
“I can articulate better what my limits are, and I feel okay to say no now.”
Lawyer, Quaning-RGprogram Personal


For entrepreneurs and business owners who want to be in control of their business' development in an innovative way; who want to take the lead for renewal to achieve further improvement and growth for themselves and for their business goals.
Tech entrepreneur looking at his laptop and while making a phone call.
“I make business decisions with confidence now”
Entrepreneur, Quaning-RGprogram Business


For working parents and/or single parents who are out of energy and losing who they are because they are living through their family instead of living their own story being their true self.
Happy mother having a great time with her two little kid watching a cartoon on a tablet together.
“I now know what my talents and unique added value are. I am choosing for myself.”
Single mom, Quaning-RGprogram Intention of Being


For Human Resource and Recruiters who want to make better hiring decisions, faster and who want to reduce recruitment risks; who want to hire with confidence on a human level powered by innovative technology.
A lady being interviewed by Human resources in a happy and positive environment.
“The Quaning Assessment looks at the human being, the professional, in a completely different way.”
Business Director, Quaning Assessment

Team Managers

For Team Managers who want to realize optimal communication, collaboration, and alignment for their team; who want to take the lead for renewal in their team in an innovative way with lasting results.
Hands grouped together on top of each other representing teamwork.
“Each team member now contributes directly to the team result based on his talents. The team has become self-managing."
Team Leader, Team Quaning

Program Schedule

The Roadmap to Success

In a maximum of 7 weeks we work together to achieve the Quaning goal we agree upon during the first Quaning session.

Week 1
Quaning Session 1
In-Person or Online
Max. 2 Hours
Week 2
Quaning Session 2
Via Phone
Max. 15 Minutes
Week 3
Quaning Session 3
Via Phone
Max. 15 Minutes
Week 4
Quaning Session 4
In-Person or Online
Max. 2 Hours
Week 5
Quaning Session 5
Via Phone
Max. 15 Minutes
Week 6
Quaning Session 6
Via Phone
Max. 15 Minutes
Week 7
Quaning Session 7
In-Person or Online
Max. 2 Hours

Effective & Quick

Time efficient and effective within a maximum of 7 weeks.

Fixed Price

One-off investment for a life-time, paid in advance.

Result Guarantee

Life-time guarantee that you achieve your set goal sustainably.

Sustainable Results

Results oriented focus and with every program you get lasting results.

workshop intention of being

Would you like to learn more about "Intention of Being" within a Workshop environment?

Intention of Being

"Do you have a longing for deep fulfilment in your life and work?"

The Intention of Being Vision, founded by Helma Lieberwerth, is the basis for personal development with a deeper sense of meaning at iShaktie. Get inspired by the book about this original, pioneering and practical vision on people and personal growth, written by Helma Lieberwerth and Ingrid Aarsman.