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We empower you to come into Motion and to realize your Full Potential

so you live a fulfilling life, experience a happy and successful career, and make a bold difference in the world.

Ishaktie Vision

Every person is unique and every person has an unique contribution in life for a specific group of people. If you live for what you are meant for, do work that suits you, and make optimal use of your talents and strengths, you will naturally experience a happy, successful and fulfilling life.

You are a person faced with important choices in your career and private life. You might be having to face dilemmas, experience choice overload and ultimately feel like you’re stuck and in your life, career or business.

You experience you're at a standstill because of existing systems, old structures, rigid thought patterns or habits. We know what it’s like to be at a crossroads in your life and career. What it's like to doubt what the next step will be.

So our Goal and Mission is to bring Motion in your Personal and Business development in an innovative and effective way. We empower you to make dilemma-breaking and purpose-driven choices naturally that will make a lasting difference in your life and career. We are here to guide you through the process.

Ishaktie ethos

Come into Motion: tap into your Inner Power, Unlock Your Full Potential, be your True Self and do what Suits You naturally.

Transformation & Freedom

You have the means to Influence your Life, Career and Business. Personal Freedom is attainable for you!

Meaning & Fulfilment

Live a life filled with Meaning & Fulfilment by living and working from your Intention of Being.

Personal optimization

You have the Power to optimize your Full Potential and to naturally be the Best Version of Yourself.


You are Ready for Change and Committed on Achieving the goal and the end results.

"Loving, professional and accurate, these are words that typify Anjana. As a Quaner she guides you directly to your goal with that. If you are stuck in your life or career you have come to the right place with Anjana to get things in motion again."
- Helma Lieberwerth, Founder of Quaning and Intention of Being Vision

Anjana, founder of iShaktie is looking into the distance, smiling, feeling happy and confident.

About Anjana

Hi, I am Anjana Jagernath. I am an international certified Quaner since 2015. I guide people who are stuck in their career or life. I love bringing motion for people in their lives quickly with a deeper sense of meaning. In my thirties I had a dilemma, after being a full-time mom for two years, I had to decide, either going back to work as a lawyer again or to search for another kind of job that suited me better and gave me more fulfillment.

I heard about the innovative guidance method Quaning and decided to do a Quaning-RGprogram myself. I got direction in my life again, quickly. From being in doubt and in standstill I came in motion again and I took my next step immediately. Already during the program I decided to follow my heart and to make a career switch to become a Quaner. I founded my business iShaktie for personal and business development with a deeper sense of meaning. And even years after the program, still grateful for the career switch I made in 2015 and still enjoying the lasting results of Quaning and experiencing personal freedom by working and living from my Intention of Being, Motion.

I guide people who also want to go from standstill to progress, who want purposeful direction in their life and career. And next to direction also more meaning in their life based on their unique added value in the world. Who want to tune into their inner strength and live a life with the freedom of being their authentic self, free from old systems, cultures, societies, beliefs, and rooted thinking patterns and habits. I bring motion and meaning for them by using their full potential and by guiding them to work and live from their Intention of Being so that they can have a happy and successful life and career that gives them fulfilment too. 

The innovative technology that Quaning uses is the basis of effective guidance for me. It’s quick to the core, efficient, with objective analyses and with a guarantee on achieving goals sustainably. I love my work as a Quaner, it gives me fulfillment and makes me happy. As a Quaner I make a lasting difference in the lifes and careers of my clients, the Quanees. I empower them to take the next step and guide them directly to their goal at iShaktie. i (I) Shaktie (power)!

Anjana sitting down at the bay, looking in the distance.